In Ly30 we not only have nice apartments, but also a lot of additional services, so you can feel completely comfortable.



You’ve moved into a new apartment, and have to wait three weeks for internet connection? Not at Ly30! When you move in, you get a W-LAN code and can start immediately.


Laundry Room

A clean affair! You will find state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers in our laundry room. 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.


Outdoor Parking

Parking in the city can be annoying. You should not have to spend your time with it in Frankfurt. When renting an apartment you can rent a parking space (75 €/mo.) in our underground car park or outside (65 €/mo.).

Stay Mobil

Your apartment in Frankfurt will keep you mobile throughout Germany! If a move to Potsdam, Hamburg, Munich, Hannover or Cologne is pending, we offer you an apartment in our other apartment houses, to which you can easily move. Smoothly, without stress and without double rents. Just tell us in time and we will check the availability in the other apartment houses for you.


Bicycle Parking

Would you prefer to cycle to the Main, to driving to work with the BMW? To make sure your bike is protected and safe, there is plenty of covered bicycle parking outside.



On our sunny terrace there are plenty of seating, sunbathing to spend a nice day.



We do have more space – should you need it. On the ground floor we have storage spaces available for an additional 25 Euros per month. Simply contact us about it!

Original Bootcamp-Trainer

No pain, no gain? Not with us! Enthusiastic tenants can exhaust themselves at the original bootcamp.


Snack & Beverage Machine

Little hunter? At our snack and beverage machines, you can enjoy a refreshing snack for a snack around the clock.


No own car? No problem! In front of the Ly30 you have four car2go parking spaces and you can always move flexibly from A to B.


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